AR Applications for the Healthcare Industry



Augmented Reality is quickly changing and improving numerous aspects of the medical sector; from patient care and treatment to medical training and practice.

The benefits of these new applications have been for patients, doctors, institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Some of these benefits have been:

  • Increased effectiveness of medications
  • Simplified treatments and procedures
  • Higher retention rates during medical trials
  • Targeted procedures reducing costs

Many AR applications are already in place, that track fitness status of users, assist in medical procedures and help train doctors and nurses.

But new possibilities for AR are now being discovered and developed.



Anatom AR


AnatomAR specializes in developing AR applications for the Healthcare Industry.

We work together with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other medical institutions to create targeted applications aimed at solving identified problems of efficiency or cost.



  • Research and Identify if there is a need for an AR application.
  • Develop a concept on the basis of that research.
  • Create the application on the basis of the beta testing.
  • Launch the application and track its effectiveness.


Current Uses & Benefits


Medical Trial Companion App


For medical trials give children a companion application that tracks their progress and makes them learn about their progress through games and comics, increasing their education and engagement.

Higher patient retention rates and therefore reduced cost.

Medication Application


An application accompanying a medication giving detailed advice on medication use and using AR to demonstrate proper medication use and effects.

More educated patient and correct use of medication lead to higher effectiveness and better treatment.

Procedure Verification

Using Augmented Reality tests through smartphones and devices to test the necessity of procedures. As an example to test the stillness of patients determining the necessity of using anesthetics.

Removing redundant use of anesthetics, reducing cost of procedures.

Medication Tracking

A unified application containing medical history and current medications, sending reminders to users for taking medications and indicating conflicting medications

Higher level of patient care and education and direct more doctor-patient communication.



Anatomical Teaching

Using augmented reality to teach anatomy to medical students and staff. Direct over-body visualization of anatomical information.

Higher learning effectiveness.

Medical Devices Teaching

Teaching the correct use of complex medical machinery. 

Higher learning effectiveness and reduced cost of in person training.

Surgical Procedures Teaching

Using over-body visualization to teach complex surgical procedures in a safe environment.

Higher learning effectiveness and safer initial teaching method.



Remote Assistance Procedures

In case of emergency using augmented reality video and interaction to provide remote procedure assistance.

Possible medical treatment where previously impossible.

General Assistance with Procedures

Providing doctors with assistance on procedures. As an example helping pinpoint exact location of veins during blood sampling.

Higher level of patient care and effectiveness.



Upcoming Projects


The Flonase companion application will use Augmented Reality to give clearer instructions on use and best effectiveness, all done through gamification and colorful visuals engaging the children. 


Visualization of sickness using Augmented Reality. Helps children develop a better understanding of what's happening, the necessity for a cure and gives instructions for optimal efficiency.


Flonase will be presented at this year's AAP Convention (American Academy of Pediatrics) in San Francisco.



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