Making Virtual A Reality


3D360 is a complete Augmented and Virtual Reality Studio


Virtual and Augmented Reality are transforming the way we navigate the world. Companies are interacting with their employees and consumers on an entirely new, exciting level, and new applications for VR/AR are being explored every moment. From the medical sector to training and HR, from entertainment to education, from product display to pre-visualization, VR/AR is revolutionizing the way we see the world.


You're dying to visit the Louvre... but you live in Kentucky. With new technology you can visit virtual galleries, museums, and theme parks without ever leaving home.



What if you could create tutorials that are personalized to students' needs, without taking them away from their classmates or inhibiting their learning speed? Education has never been so fun and effective. 


Don't just sell the sizzle--give them the steak, too. Virtual ad experiences and music videos immerse consumers in ways they've never experienced.

Film & Video Games

Expand your horizons: screen size no longer matters when you can build and play in an alternative environment.


This is the future of medicine: AR increases patient engagement and retention rates during trials, especially with kids.



Ready for the workplace of your dreams? Virtual training increases efficiency, boosts confidence, and reduces costs.



What We Do


360 Video Production

Start-to-finish development on 360 Video Productions and Virtual Reality projects. From inception to deployment and distribution, we have you covered.

3D Scene Modeling

Complete 3D models of small- and large-scale environments, creating immersive and unforgettable CG experiences for all kinds of users.

VR App Development

Full support building Virtual Reality Apps for the newest platforms, such as the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and more.



What We’ve Done

3D360 is pioneering the work in Virtual and augmented Reality.


We created the first 360 music video, developed some of the earliest virtual reality systems, and pushed the envelope of Augmented Reality with the award-winning mobile app that re-invented the novel.

We say no challenge can faze us because we are always challenging ourselves. 3D360 has the technological skills and creative angle to realize your vision—and make it stand out.






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